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History of Waikerie ‘Sunline’ Speedway

1982/83 SA Country Super Sedan Title (1st Noel Reichstein, 2nd Cary McCarthy, 3rd Gavin McEachern)

1983/84  SA Super Sedan Title (1st Len Jeffries, 2nd Dean McCarthy, 3rd.Noel Reichstein)

1983/84 SA Stock Rod Title (1st Graham Mason, 2nd Des Obst, 3rd Geoff Higgs)

1984/85 SA Modified Production Sedan Title (1st Jeremy McClure, 2nd Ern Overall (VIC), 3rd Alex Ramsey)

31st March 1985 - Concrete Wall Officially Unveiled

1986-87 SA Stock Rod Title (1st Graham Mason, 2nd Peter Gwiazda, 3rd Ian Vallis)

1986/87 SA Country Street Stock Title (1st Kevin Fitzsimmons, 2nd Larry Richards, 3rd Rick Skuse)

1986/87 SA Super Sedan Country Title (1st Noel Reichstein, 2nd Ross Wright, 3rd Kym Cottrell)

1987/88 SA Modified Production Sedan Title (1st Paul Salau (VIC) , 2nd Kym Webber, 3rd Lachie McClure)

1987/88 SA Street Stock Title (1st Rick Skuse, 2nd Brian Schmidt, 3rd Bob O'Rourke (QLD))

1991/92 Des Obst Hot Rod Memorial (1st Grant Baker, 2nd Darryl Wright, 3rd Neil Warhurst)

1992/93 Des Obst Hot Rod Memorial  (1st Grant Baker, 2nd Gerard Boult, 3rd Les Baker)

1992/93 SA Modified Production Sedan Title (1st Peter McCarthy (VIC), 2nd Kym Webber, 3rd Paul Sheen (VIC))

1992/93 SA Super Sedan Country Title (1st Tony Grinstead (Vic), 2nd Graham Cowland,  3rd Brad Scotcher)

1993/94 SA Street Stock Title (1st Brian Findlay, 2nd Barry Edwards, 3rd Barry Sullivan)

1996/97 SA Super Sedan Title (with Renmark) (1st Peter Logue (VIC), 2nd Steve Stewart, 3rd Graham Cowland)

1997/98 SA Sportsman Title (1st Simon Gartner, 2nd Barry Sullivan, 3rd Lionel Staehr)

1998/99 SA Super Sedan Title (with Renmark) (1st Mick Nicola (VIC), 2nd Bill Miller, 3rd Steve Murphy)

2000/01 SA Street Stock Title (1st Anthony Gibbs, 2nd Mark Jennings, 3rd Barry Edwards)

2001/02 SA V6 Sprints Title (1st Ben Wiese, 2nd Norm Moore, 3rd Greg Bell)

12th April 2003 – First race meeting under lights (SA Super Sedan Title)

2002/03 SA Super Sedan Title (1st David Gartner, 2nd Steve Stewart, 3rd Bill Miller)

2002/03 SA Junior Sedan Title (1st Mark Gartner, 2nd Shannon Readett, 3rd Bradley Keller)

2002/03 SA AMCA Country Title (1st Maris Valodze, 2nd Brian Chadwick, 3rd Michael Miller)

2003/04 SA AMCA Title (1st Matt Crimmins, 2nd Michael Miller, 3rd Brian Chadwick)

2003/04 SA 360 Sprintcar Title (1st Craig Van der Stelt, 2nd Tony Moule (Vic), 3rd Damien Eve)

2003/04 SA Modified Sedan Title (1st Shane Best, 2nd Jim Spiers (Vic), 3rd Martin Hawson (Vic))

2004/05 V6 Sprints Title (1st Matt Egel, 2nd Ben Hall, 3rd Nathan Squires)

2005/06 SA Super Sedan Title (1st Lucas Roberts (VIC), 2nd Steve Vaughan , 3rd Mick Nicola (VIC))

2005/06 SA V8 Dirt Modified Title (1st Lloyd Hobson (Vic) , 2nd Beau Siedel, 3rd Cory Read)

2006/07 SA Street Stock Title (1st Anthony Beare , 2nd Mick Dann (VIC), 3rd Rick Emery)

2006/07 SA Speedcar Title (1st Luke Dillon, 2nd Barry Valentino (Qld), 3rd Matthew Coombe)

2007/08 SA Formula 500 Title (1st Steven Gay(WA),2nd Leigh Van Ginneken(VIC), 3rd Steven Caunt (NSW))

2008/09 SA AMCA Country Title (1st Brian Chadwick, 2nd Michael Ffrench, 3rd David Hartman)

2009/10 SA AMCA Title (Daniel Scott (VIC), 2nd Michael Ffrench, 3rd David Hartman)

2010/11 SA Modified Production Sedan Title (1st Jeremy McClure (VIC), 2nd Terry Brown, 3rd Tony Hardy)

2011/12 SA AMCA Title (1st Campbell Hughes (VIC), 2nd Tim Reidy (VIC), 3rd Darren McCarthy (VIC)

2011/12 SA Street Stock Title (1st Mick Dann (VIC), 2nd Robbie Faux (VIC), 3rd Mark Gartner)

2013/14 SA Junior Sedan Title (1st Michael Learoyd (QLD), 2nd Patrick Brennan (QLD), 3rd Jayden Edwards)

2014/15 AUSTRALIAN Speedway Kart Title

2014/15 SA Modified Production Sedan Title (1st Adam Holt (Vic), 2nd Russell Felsovary (NSW), 3rd David Smith (Vic))

2015/16 SA Modlite Title (1st Cory Hodgson, 2nd Rob Swain (NSW), 3rd Duran Cowland)

2016/17 SA AMCA Title (1st Jamie Collins (Vic), 2nd Darren McCarthy (Vic), 3rd Jake Armstrong)

2016/17 SA Street Stock Title (1st Matt Nelson (Vic), 2nd Rhys Heinrich, 3rd Mark Gartner)

2017/18 SA Modified Sedan Title (1st Clint Noakes (WA), 2nd David Smith (Vic), 3rd Martin Hawson Vic))