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Robert Gwynne Memorial

From a young age, Robert had always had the passion for adrenalin pumping motorsport action, whether it was on two or four wheels.
Born in 1962, Robert started his motorsport career at 14 years of age when he rode a Suzuki RM80 in motorcross action. After two yearshe bought his first two-valve Jawa and with his best friend David Modistach, raced on all SA Speedway bike tracks with the occasional visit to Olympic Park Speedway at Mildura on a Sunday night. After 1980, when his eldest brother David retired from Super Sedan racing, he also wanted to try out with the big horsepower power machine brigade. Brother Bernard also began his exciting speedway career in standard saloons at the same time. Robert, with the financial help of his father and mother, bought the ex-Robbie Marchant Torana A9X powerplant and boy did that machine boogie!!!
Robert achieved many heat and feature wins, especially at SA Country tracks and Broken Hill with two Riverland Super Sedan titles to his credit. Robert also won the 1982 prestigious Speedway Park 40 lap Fireball Derby but with a major lap scoring blunder, was awarded only second. Robert and his father Bernie were not happy with the result and let the Speedway Park officials know of their disgust with a tirade of expletives and threatening words!
Robert also represented South Australia at the Australian Super Sedan titles in Newcastle, NSW. He then took a long break from Speedway racing to concentrate on his business career. He was then given a speedway driver's lifeline by Tony Parkinson to share drive a very fast Camero racecar. He took up the offer and raced the next two years with mixed results. Who will ever forget "Red Baron", the infield announcer and that noisy Waikerie cheer squad on the mound led by his irrepressible brother David and his mates.
Robert then retired from dirt track speedway racing for good and then five years later was coaxed into racing off-road vehicles. In 2006 he purchased the ex-Bennett trophy truck and raced all over Australia in the Australian Off-Road championship. With his brother Bernard as navigator they were crowned Australia 1 in class 4 after many high placings. They continued racing class 4 with another truck with Bernard taking over the driving duties with Robert relegated back to navigator.
Robert retired in 2010 due to chronic back injuries. Son Joshua has since filled in for his father as a very capable navigator. Also, during this time Robert ventured into bitumen racing by purchasing an early model red Ferrari and competing in the Classic Adelaide for a couple of years.
In season 2012/13, Robert's and Karen's eldest son Joshua (14) began his speedway career driving a Toyota Corolla in Junior Sedans with full support from his parents. This season, their youngest son Lachie (12) has also joined the speedway ranks in Junior Sedans, and hasn't Dad been very, very proud!
Robert wasn't a champion driver but was a champion bloke; one of the true characters of motorsport, especially dirt track speedway and off-road racing. The legacy of Robert and his motorsport career will never be lost as his two sons, Joshua and Lachlan, continue to race speedway cars as it is in their blood. A legacy never lost.
R.I.P. Robert Gwynne 
 "Taken form the Sunline Speedway racing program, 18/1/14"

The Junior Sedan Track Championship sees drivers contesting every round at the venue for points towards determining the overall winner. Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 drivers at the end of season whilst the top 4 drivers will receive sashes. As with all Junior Sedans events, no prize money will be offered. All drivers who compete in a Junior Sedan race will accumulate points, with no bonus point races/rounds. 

For the 2016/17 season, the family decided to condense the Memorial from a season long event, and would be held over 2 meetings during the season.

Previous Champions

2017/18 - 1st Heath Thorne, 2nd Drew Flatman, 3rd Jordan Grillett

2016/17 - =1st Nathan & Heath Thorne, 3rd Tamika Pitcher, 4th Sharni Pitcher

2015/16 - 1st Heath Thorne, 2nd Nathan Thorne, 3rd Lachlan Gwynne

2014/15 - 1st Heath Thorne, 2nd Nathan Thorne, 3rd Lachlan Gwynne

2013/14 - 1st Nathan Thorne, 2nd Heath Thorne, 3rd Josh McEwin